The Art of Model Railroading Video Series Combo (Vol. 1 & 2)


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Enjoy the work of true craftsmen in the Art of Model Railroading video combo from Nace Videography. In this award-winning series, you’ll get up close with the models, hear real-life sound effects, enjoy interviews with the modelers and learn their techniques from video demonstrations!

This series is a must have in your collection and will provide many hours of entertainment along with keeping you inspired. Nowhere else can you find a series of such depth and quality.

Vol. 1 Howard Zane’s Peirmount Division
Join us as we traverse Howard Zane’s revised Piermont Division, with 6 newly redesigned sections and a complete motive power changeover to the Erie, CNJ, DL&W, LV, NYC, L&N, and C&O.
For 30 years, Howard has been building, expanding, and redesigning this masterpiece into the incredible work of 3D art it has become today. Fully operable, he has enhanced the experience by fully immersing the senses of those present with a completely functional signaling system, automatic crossing gates, surrounding ambient sounds, complete city & building lighting throughout, and sound equipped locomotives.
We begin our journey back at Howard’s childhood roots in northeast New Jersey, where the Erie puts on quite a show with 2-8-0’s, 2-8-2’s, 2-10-2’s, 2-8-4’s, & 4-6-2’s, with Lehigh Valley 4-6-2’s, & 4-8-4’s as well as DL&W 4-6-2’s, 4-6-4’s, & 4-8-4’s also “polishing the rails”. From there, we follow an Erie 2-8-4 class S1 Berkshire powered freight westbound where we also see CNJ 4-8-0’s & 2-8-2’s as well as their new Alco HH660 & RSD 4/5 diesels. Upon arriving in northeast Ohio we see interchange with the NYC’s “Big Four” division, with NYC 0-6-0’s, 2-8-2’s, 4-6-2’s, 4-6-4’s, 4-8-2’s as well a P&LE 2-8-4 handling the assignments. We also witness a variety of NYC diesel motive power including Also RS3’s & RS11’s, Baldwin BP16 “Sharks”, EMD F7’s, & F-M “Erie Builts”. From there we follow a series of freight cars southwest behind an L2a 4-8-2 “Mohawk” down to the southwest Ohio greater Cincinnati area, where interchange occurs with the L&N and their magnificent 2-8-4 “Big Emmas”. While in the area, we also view the finest superpower the C&O has to offer, including 2-8-2’s, 2-8-4’s, 2-6-6-2’s, 4-6-4’s, 4-8-4’s, & 2-6-6-6’s. In all, over 80 different locomotive types & classes are featured throughout the program.
You will hear from Howard about his life experiences, even beyond the world of model railroading. Additionally, some of his crew were also on hand to discuss how they modernized his virtually all brass locomotive fleet with the latest in DCC & lighting electronics for smooth & reliable performance, as well as where the future of the hobby, and art, of model railroading is going.

Specialty features include:
• Scenes of Inspiration – where Howard discusses specific scenes & buildings with experiences from his life, usually humorous, that provided the catalyst for their creation
• Overview of DCC/Sound equipped brass locomotives – hear from Howard’s Chief Mechanical Officer Jan Willard as he reviews a variety of upgrades & enhancements he has made to the locomotive fleet.
• Rare Brass Trains Operating – see some of the rarest and most valuable brass trains in operation, including a handbuilt 1 of 12 in the world Nakayama C&O 4-6-4 Poppet Hudson, as provided by multiple collectors for this program.
• Complete Panoramic View – showing the size and depth of this model railroad which occupies 2,850 square feet of space, & also how over 200 floodlights are integrated to enhance the experience.

Vol. 2 Tony Koester’s Nickel Plate Road
Join us as we are transported back in time to October 8th, 1954, between Frankfort, Indiana and Charleston, Illinois, on the Third Subdivision, of the St. Louis Division, of the Clover Leaf District, of the Nickel Plate Road.
Steam still rules on the Third Subdivision with 0-8-0 yard switchers, 2-8-2 Mikados, 2-8-4 Berkshires, and 4-6-4 Hudsons, but diesels are making their presence known with EMD GP7’s, F-M H-10-44’s, as well as Alco RS3’s and PA’s.
You will witness locomotives being serviced and assigned to trains at the massive facilities and yards in Frankfort (IN) and Charleston (IL), view switching operations at Linden (IN), Veedersburg (IN), Cayuga (IN), Humrick (IL), Metcalf (IL), Oakland (IL), and Fair Grange (IL), as well as observing passenger operations at Frankfort (IN), Linden (IN), Veedersburg (IN), Cayuga (IN), and Charleston (IL). All with authentically recreated track plans, buildings, and scenes, while being pulled by correct locomotive classes assigned to this subdivision.

Main Program segments include:
• Complete Operation of the entire layout, with you trackside for all of the action
• In-depth Interview with Tony Koester, where he discussed not only model railroading, but also details of his multiple careers, travels, friendships, and life experiences
• Panoramic Overview of the layout room, showing overall views of this double decked, 24’6” by 60’6” masterpiece
• Scenes of Inspiration, where Tony discusses his personal connections to locations and structures.

How To & Specialty Segments on the Bonus Disc include:
• Blending backdrops into the benchwork scenery how to
• Weathering rolling stock with Panpastels how to
• Creating soy bean crops how to
• Incorporating fusees during operation
• Staging the layout for an operating session
• Observing and following the crews during an operating session

Run Time: 2 hours, 40 minutes