Roundhouse Work Session Report for – September 17th, 2016

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Work Report

It was an intense purposeful day at the roundhouse and the rewards were quite gratifying.  The throttle body was still our primary concern and immediate efforts were placed on the throttle rebuild and getting it back together.  A more coarse lapping compound was ordered and volunteers spent all day seating in the valves.  It wasn’t until after lunch that finer compounds were used to start dressing  up the valves. Read More

Roundhouse Work Session Report for – September 10th, 2016

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Work Report

The work session today was single minded and to the point.  Our efforts were put toward lapping in the main throttle valves and putting the throttle back together.  All throttle stud threads were chased and cleaned.  The copper gaskets were fitted and secured in place to the throttle heads with ultra copper.  Work still needs to be done on the lapping process so this task has not been completed.  It will continue at the next work session.  The throttle linkage was installed on the engine ready for testing. Read More

Remains of the Reading

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The Reading Company once maintained one of the largest railroad shops in the world and employed thousands in eastern Pennsylvania. Remarkably, the Reading shops still stand and have been adapted for other uses, but even more remarkable is this: one of the Company’s massive steam locomotives has survived and is now undergoing restoration.


December 2015 Work Session

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Reading 2100 shirts on their way!

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Show your support of the American Steam Railroad with these stylish Reading 2100 shirts! With a style influenced by the Reading Railroad’s late era marketing, these shirts are some of the most attractive railroad wares around.

These shirts will be available to order online for $15.00 on November 30th.

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