November 2019 Restoration Update

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American Steam Railroad’s Forrest Nace explains all the work done in our latest video update. Highlights include:

-On both sides of the firebox, measurements were taken of the area between the side sheets. This will allow us to cut the material needed for the 554 staybolts.
-Old grease and oil were removed from the crosshead guide, along with the still connected rod linkage cleaned and polished.
-Work continued on repairing the stoker auger. Weld was applied to areas where there was thin or worn out material.

October 2019 Restoration Update

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American Steam Railroad’s Forrest Nace explains the work that has been done in October.
– The remaining cylinder cock valves were removed and inspected. Damage was detected with the spring pin inserts needing to be fixed.
– The cylinder barrels and piston rods were polished. A light coat of oil and grease applied to protect the surface areas from rust.
– The front pilot was removed, as the front engine trucks will need to be taken out from the locomotive. This will enable Timken to inspect the roller bearing surfaces on the leading truck.
– The corroded auger bolts that couldn’t be pressed out previously have now been drilled out with the remaining material torched out. They will be replaced with grade eight bolts.

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September 2019 Video Update

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American Steam Railroad’s Forrest Nace explains all the work done in our latest video update. Highlights include:

-Our big event this month was the Ross Rowland dinner, where we hosted over 50 guests that came to listen about Ross’ experiences on the high iron behind steam.
We like to extend a big thank you to our friends at the Midwest Railway Preservation Society, who was a great assistance in putting on this event.
-We took advantage of the warm weather to complete more work on the tender. Needle cleaning of the tender buffer and the wedge key that holds it in place. Both were painted and then reinstalled into the pocket.
-Work continued on removing the oil bunker support brackets to ease the future installation of the stoker trough and gearing.
-The bell actuator was installed and tested, so the bell now can ring during open houses.
-Volunteers cleaned the eccentric rods.
-The cylinder cocks were removed, cleaned, and then lapped.

Major benchmarks met in February

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Saturday, February 10th proved to be an interesting day with several benchmarks completed on the firebox side sheet replacement project.

ASR members finalized several tasks including: removing some piping obstacles for stay bolt removal, grinding welds smooth on the stay bolt heads, all stay bolt caps have been removed in the defined area, all 450+ stay bolts have been removed from the side sheet areas, and all gaskets removed from the caps.

Needle scaling of the exposed boiler interior is well under way and will easily be completed during the next work session.

The next work session for members will be February 17.

New members are always welcome.


  • Complete – Firebox grate removal
  • Complete – Fire box side sheet cut and removed
  • Complete – The steam throttle is rebuilt and the valves lapped
  • Complete – Pressure test steam lubricator output
  • Complete – The draw-bars, draw-bar pins and keepers were brought inside the roundhouse
  • Complete – Draw-bar assembles to be cleaned up and dye penetration test
  • Complete – The draw-bar pin keeper for the locomotive needed some welding and that was completed.
  • Partial – Inspection of the running gear has been started and will continue.
  • Complete – The dynamo was put on the workbench, cleaned, and tested.
  • Complete – The throttle valves have been machined and the lapping process has started.
  • Complete – The throttle body threads were chased and cleaned
  • Complete – Copper gaskets were installed on the throttle heads ready for reassembly
  • Complete – The throttle linkage installed
  • Complete – A temporary cover was built for the stack
  • Complete – The remaining relief valve port has been capped for the hydro
  • Complete – Main cranks removed from tender and brought inside
  • Complete – Piping and electric cables removed from oil tank, oil tank prepped for removal from coal bunker

Many of us are new to steam locomotive parts, pieces, and terminology.  Here are a few links to help us start calling parts and components by their correct names:

Working Steam Path and Reversing Linkage

Steam Locomotive Parts

Working Systems of a Locomotive

Several of you have already emailed me the dates you will be at the roundhouse.  If you haven’t already, please let me know if you are coming to a work session.  Just email me at:

Gordon Hartschuh – ASR Crew Chief